My name is Lisa Baughman and for the past 5 years I have taught in the northeast Houston area. I grew up a military child, travelling overseas and in the US, moving every 4 years. For the most part, however, I spent my youth in Department of Defense schools and the public education system of Florida. At the University of South Florida, I graduated cum laude in 2004, majoring in Chemistry. I moved to Texas, and after a year of research and 2 years of medical school at the Texas Tech. University Health Sciences Center, I chose instead to get a Masters in Molecular Pathology. Through my exploration of education as a career, I discovered my  love of teaching and have acquired Texas State Alternative Teaching Certifications in both, Math and Science. I am qualified to formally teach  every subject I offer to tutor. 

When I shifted my career path to education, one of the things I was most excited about was to be able to answer the dreaded 'Why do we need to know this?' question. We experience so many things that relate back to key math and science principles we saw back in grade school, high school, or college. As a teacher I knew I could expose students to modern and relatable uses of their knowledge.

Being in the classroom educated me on the struggle of accomplishing this in ever growing classes. One-on-one time is nearly impossible during the school day. I love this time, this opportunity to help someone get to that 'Ahhh, so that's why...' moment. 

So I'm devoting myself to private tutoring to apply the experiences I've had as a child, student, and teacher to the current curriculum your child might be struggling with today. I'm excited to see where our mutual goals of understanding and success will take us. Exploring the world outside textbooks and rote memorization can make the same material easier to understand.


Let's get started!

A Little About Me

Lisa Baughman