Science Tutoring*

Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Forensics Science, 8th Grade Science, 12th Grade Electives, AP support

Math Tutoring

Alegebra I & II, Geometry, Calculus, 8th Grade Math, AP support

Standardized Test Prep


*My 'bag of tricks' for Physics and Chemistry is especially robust.

Given my varied background, however, I've got plenty to share in the other sciences and maths, too.

So if you need help in more than one area, I'm your gal!

Available Services

Perseverance will be encouraged through guided practice,  clear progress reports, and meaningful feedback. I will start building your student's confidence by making the most of the resources provided in their class. Beyond that, Baughman Tutoring will supply additional resources, as needed, to fill in missing gaps, challenge students distracted by boredom, and expose them to the tricks of the trade regarding studying and test taking.