Laura Gold

Cypress, TX

We are extremely happy with the tutoring service that Lisa provides. She has helped our daughter prepare for tests and assessments. She is very patient and thorough. Our daughter has improved her overall average in Physics since being tutored by Lisa.

Janeth Cotlar

Houston, TX

I have a sixteen year old daughter that has been struggling with Chemistry. She had a 58 average in that class and with finals approaching I was getting very concerned that she was going to fail the class. Lisa tutored Juliana for 2 hours on Sunday before the test and 2 additional hours the night before her Chemistry final. Lisa had done such an excellent job tutoring Juliana that she made a 93 in her final! I will continue using Lisa if my daughter needs more help. She is great and very patient when she's tutoring. 

Payton Alix (student)

Houston, TX

Hello, my name is Payton Alix and I am a junior at The High School For The Performing And Visual Arts with a focus on theatre. This year I have to take Physics, and throughout the whole first semester I found myself struggling more than I ever had in any class. I was failing all of my tests and quizzes, and I would try to get help from my teacher but he was so busy and rarely had any time to help me outside of class. I found myself at the end of the semester and it was time to take finals. I started to freak out because I failed everything up to this point, and I was not looking forward to attending summer school. So my mom started looking for a tutor to help me pass my Physics final! That's when she found Lisa! Through a lot of work I came out with an 80 on my final! Now I call Lisa the weekend before I have a test in Physics and I have noticed a tremendous change on my grades that I make on the test! What I like about Lisa is that she re-teaches the entire lesson that you are working on, and clears up any questions or concerns you have before you start working on problems! She is very understanding and patient when working with you! When you don't understand something right away then she will find another way to explain it until you understand, which is very helpful! I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is struggling in their work!

Denise Anawaty

Houston, TX

We have used Lisa for a few sessions with my son in Chemistry.  He was struggling the first couple of semesters, but has come a long way since Lisa has been helping him.  He feels he understands the material better and has done better on test and class work.  Lisa is patient and really has a way of getting my son to understand and interact with her to confirm he knows the material.  I would highly recommend her.

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